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Most companies struggle to understand how people impact business performance. Business leaders don’t know how to manage employees in a way that brings the best out of them. They create a business strategy that often looks like a financial or operational plan and they monitor and measure their business results. But, they don’t do the key “people work” in between—and they simply fail to achieve their desired outcomes. We help business create and achieve Predictable Results through using a four-part discipline called Talent Optimization. Meet your new workplace transformation partner aligning your business strategy with your people strategy.


Only 4% of CEO’s report having usable people data.

Measure and analyze people data to be able to prescribe the appropriate actions that are in alignment with your business strategy.


Just 54% of CEO’s expect increased profits in the year ahead

Create your organization, culture, leadership, and team dynamics with intentionality that can evolve to meet the everchanging business environment.


66% of CEO’s cite talent issues as the biggest challenge.

Use insight from people data to build an organization of top performers while developing awareness of team dynamics.


Achieve a 65% increase in Effectiveness.

Create self-awareness among employees to help them manage themselves and the variety of workplace relationships.

Understanding people is easy.

We help bring our Better Business, Better Life vision to reality by bridging the gap between your business strategy and your people strategy.

Do you have the right team for the strategy?

What are you doing to exercise your personal growth to be better equipped to lead organizational change?

PeopleSurge “has forced my thinking around the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the daily work”

Jason Burke, CEO, The New Primal
“Accountability in each coaching session with Kirk continues to be impactful”
Lindsay Nevin, CEO, Flyway Companies
“Sessions with Kirk bring a feeling of clarity.”
Andy McCarthy, Co-Owner, King of Pops
“getting an outside view forces me to get out of working in the business and focus on working on the business and myself.”
Aaron Siegel, CEO, Home Team BBQ
“People Surge helped our team define our values, our why and set goals for our future. Facilitation and thought exercises ensured all perspectives of team were considered.”
Melonie Hammond-Trace, Owner, Tideline CPA Group
“Too many takeaways to count. I’ve been in the weeds. The 20k foot view perspective to put metrics and plans in place is refreshing. Thank you.”
Elissa Nauful, Founder and CEO, BallyWho Social