Breathing Fresh AIR

Doing business with PeopleSurge is a breath of fresh AIR…Awareness, Insights, Results.
In every interaction, you can expect…

awakening awareness within ourselves, others and organizationally
inciting insights that inspire “AHA’s”
results response-ability (increasing ability to respond and generate predictive results)

Our Commitment

People across the entire employment spectrum from front line employees through to the C-suite all play a role in the performance of an organization. As former Presidents/CEO’s who have experienced all of the challenges associated with owing, growing, and exiting businesses, we understand how important it is to know how people are affecting performance, so we came together around a common purpose. How can we enable businesses, specifically the people across the entire employment spectrum, to understand how they play a role in the success or failure of their organization?

We considered how we were going to enable businesses to understand their people and designed a methodology that is a unique blend of transferring our knowledge and experience through training and advisory services combined with the latest technology and science related to human behavior.

Our commitment to our clients is to establish a candid, authentic, thought-provoking environment as part of our knowledge transfer and training programs. And we will always be exploring the most effective technology available to support our client’s efforts to understand the complexities of human nature.

Together, we make an impact on People Strategy and the trajectory your organization.