Mike has been advising owners and senior leaders of small to medium sized business to help them uncover new possibilities for the future of their business. “Building the service model of sharing our experience through advice and training in concert with science-based technology is going to be a great way for organizations to gain a much-needed awareness about people that they desperately need!”

He leverages his experience as the Co-founder of PeopleSurge and President of Optima Network Services Inc., a 9-year tenure which culminated in the sale of his company to a publicly traded company, Mastec, Inc (stock:MTZ). In the years he spent with Mastec in the role of Senior Vice President, he led the integration of multiple geographic markets and operational models into a growing organization the wireless industry. As a graduate of George Mason University with a B.S. in Management and a resident of Mount Pleasant, SC, he is passionate about making a positive impact on the bottom line of companies and the human beings that own and operate them. Mike enjoys competition on the golf course and at his CrossFit gym and is a happily married father of 2 daughters.

Contact Mike: mike@people-surge.com

Mike’s Expertise…

Talent Optimization

Team Training

Business Growth

Team Development

Strategic Leadership

The Predictive Index

Leadership Awareness

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