Costs of bad hire run $30k to $70k each

Bad hires have created a revolving door in our organizations that impact everyone: In a survey last year, 750 hiring managers gave themselves a collective C- for the quality of their hiring processes. That same group was responsible for hiring over 81,000 new employees in 2017. Yet the decision to hire is often the single most important decision we make in our organizations. This isn’t news to most managers and recruiters. According to studies, 46% of new hires are terminated, leave under pressure, or receive significant disciplinary action and negative reviews within their first 18 months.

Time to Hire Smart.

The Predictive Index allows you to decode the complexities of your people and realize what drives workplace behaviors so you can ensure alignment, reach your team’s true potential, and achieve your business objectives faster than ever.

Good Science Matters

Define the Job, Find the Optimal Fit.

No matter what the role, your ability to select the best-fit for the job sometimes seems
no more accurate than a coin toss. The PI Job Assessment helps you identify the behaviors and drives
critical to on-the-job success so you can attract and hire the best fitting
candidates and manage them to greatness.

“People show their true colors eventually. Uncover before you hire.” Kirk McMillan, Co-Founder PeopleSurge

The Predictive Index

Whatever form development takes, the organization should make sure it’s meeting the needs of its employees and its managers. After all, employee development isn’t just a perk for the employee, it’s a perk for the company as a whole.