Drinking or Conquering the Hard Stuff?

Are you finding decisions harder to make? Are you facing business growth opportunities amidst increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity? Do you feel your leadership being over taxed? Do you tell yourself “there must be a better way”?

Vistage CEO members face the hard stuff head on, with candor and courage, in a confidential space. Members always have a place for the difficult issues, when they have a seat at the table. There are only have a few seats open on our Charleston advisory board.

CEO advisory board members are life long learners, leading growing businesses. Members are business owners, CEOs, and top executives of businesses with revenues between $5M and $650M, and employees from 8 to 1,000. Members are accountable to each other to be better leaders and make better decisions.

You’ll be bringing a life-long learning attitude, coupled with vulnerability, rewarded with actions and solutions to your most difficult issues. You will be exposed to diverse perspectives, creative thought, and experiences. You will be exposed to your blind spots and opened up to possibilities you never imagined.

Vistage membership requires investment of resources, time and money. Therefore, the value received must be high and ongoing. Our local member reach:

The New Primal team

New Leaf Builders team

  • Founder/CEO: (Real estate development/construction) - Regional
  • CEO: (PEO/trucking industry) - National
  • Co-Founder: (Consumer food manufacturing/distribution) - Regional
  • Founder/CEO: (Social media) - National
  • Founder/CEO: (Consumer snack/sauce brand) - National
  • Founder/CEO: (Home building) - Local
  • Founder/CEO: (Food and Beverage) - Charleston, Aspen, Columbia
  • President: (Retail) - Local
  • President: (Marketing/PR) - Regional
  • Founder/CEO: (Healthcare IT consulting) - National
  • Founder/CEO: (Real estate property management) - Regional
  • President: (Industrial packaging) - National
  • CEO: (Non-profit/land conservation) - Local
  • CEO: (Non-profit/social emotional learning) - National

Flyway team

Vistage provides people, processes, resources and a global community of 22,000 members across 30 countries, for a better way to deal with the hard stuff. Get your seat while one is open. Our next meeting will take place on Thursday, July 12th with our speaker Ami Kasser presenting on Multi-Funding Strategies.

Program Description

Business strategy and financial strategy are intertwined. Often CEO's get stuck because they don't understand where their business is in a life cycle, what is inhibiting growth, and the best possible financing strategies at the right time. In this highly interactive workshop, members go through five modules. Additionally, members are encouraged to bring their income statements and balance sheets to the session, after a few warm up exercises, we dig into their specific challenges and begin issue processing with a trained financing professional in the room. Modules include:

  • The stages of a business life cycle -- and understanding where each member's business fits is
  • Financing solutions / options and alternatives at various life cycle stages -- including bank loans, SBA loans, ABL facilities, mezzanine debt, real estate and equipment financing
  • Understanding each CEO's tolerance for risk - and how this is impacting their financing / growth plans
  • Reviewing current debt in each member's business - and understanding if they are under leveraged and if so by how much
  • Each member presents a financial goal for their business in three years, and develops an understanding of what is stopping them from getting them there

Value to attendees

Each member will leave the workshop with an actionable financing plan with personalized take away's that will bring clarity to their growth plans. Every time we do a Vistage presentation at least 25% of the members walk away with an "ah-ha" moment of understanding how they can fundamentally grow or change their business.

Ami Kassar is the author of The Growth Dilemma and his TED talk can be seen here.

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