Moving from Implicit Bias to Consciousness

July 29, 2020

CommonGround Conversations with CEOs

My name is Kirk McMillan. I have lived a biased life. I am a racist, and I am consciously working to be anti-racist. The 100’s of cognitive biases that have been fighting for my survival are no longer needed today. Through conscious awareness I can see human beings for being human. Through consciousness, I can embrace all their human greatness. I imagine a world where this common ground consciousness is the foundation for communities to build sustainable humanity.

CommonGround guiding principles…

• Recognize we are all biased

• Commit to being anti-racist

• Embrace the difficult and uncomfortable conversations

• Behave with consciousness for humanity

Challenge for business leaders…

I do not have the answers for our country, or our community. I do have many questions. My belief is that through a common ground, the business community can find answers and solutions. Yet, it will take vulnerability of our business leaders. Do you have the courage?

CommonGround breakfast invitation…

Reach out to to learn more about an exclusive invitation to join a raw, enlightening and transformative discussion with business leaders in the community. Join myself and Anton Gunn, Chief Diversity Officer, MUSC, as we facilitate CommonGround conversations moving from Implicit Bias to Conscious anti-racism, inclusion and belonging.