Strategy Workshop

“For a truly great company, the Big Thing is never any specific line of business or product or idea or invention. The Big Thing is your underlying flywheel architecture, properly conceived” – Jim Collins

Strategy is a process. This workshop is designed to give participants the underlying architecture for creating their flywheel. Participants will walk away with clarity on their flywheel levers and action steps for 2020 and beyond.

Workshop Strategists: Mike Mosel, Kirk McMillan and Andy McCarthy

Workshop Price: $150 Individual, $500 Team of 4, $100 each over 4

 to 12pm


9:30am: Check-in

9:45am: Welcome and Setting the Stage “Strategy and Leadership Gaps”

10:00am: Flywheel Exercise “Know Your Flywheel”

11:30am: Closing the Gap “People Strategy: Talent Optimization”

11:45am: Action Steps

Noon: Adjourn

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Who Should Attend?

CEOs, Owners, Entrepreneurs

Non-Profits Leaders and Board Members


Family Business Owners

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Mike Mosel is passionate about advising businesses in industries like construction, hospitality, manufacturing, and general contracting whose growth opportunities are specifically related to people. He brings nearly 20 years of hands-on experience having owned, operated, and exited a number of businesses. As a graduate of George Mason University, Mike continues his learning by actively participating in active in his local business community through the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.


Kirk McMillan has garnered extensive CEO strategic leadership within the business world over the course of three decades. From being promoted to CEO of his family business at age of 26, to spearheading numerous companies, his sights are set on creating ripple effect of positive change across local and global communities. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and a BS from The Citadel, where is an Advisory Board member for the Baker School of Business.


Andy McCarthy, a certified talent optimization consultant, brings over 10 years CEO and owner experience, scaling and exiting businesses. Andy naturally transitioned to advising businesses after owning, operating and exiting the Southeast’s most popular popsicle company, King of Pops. He has emerged as an expert in visioning, value development, brand strategies and scaling. Andy currently serves as President of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association, is a member of the Vistage Worldwide, and is involved with a number of non-profit organizations along the coast. Andy graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Biology and has a passion for learning, exploring, and all things outdoors.