Kirk McMillan Launching Charleston’s Newest Vistage CEO Peer Group October 2019

August 1, 2019

Three years ago I launched my first Vistage CEO peer group with eight members. Today, the group has 16 members and thriving in the Vistage experience. Due to the success of the ceo peer group and interest in the business community for more, I’m launching Vistage CEO peer group number two in October.

Leadership Development. Better Leader. Better Decisions. Better Life.

Our members invest 3-5% of their time to focus on their business strategically. Surrounding themselves with other CEOs and business owners allows them the freedom to get out of the day to day to work on being a better leader, making better decisions and living a better life.

Leadership Coaching Reinvented

The CEO peer group meets one day per month. There is significant power in 12-18 life-long learners, leading high-performing businesses that are focused on each other’s challenges. The diversity creates better decision-making in tackling the most significant issues facing you and your business.

Now deepen that peer experience with monthly, 90-minute individualized leadership coaching focused on your personal growth. As your Vistage Chair, I am your Sherpa to be with you on your journey to your summit. My role is to challenge you to be better and hold you accountable for being a member worthy of our group.

Lastly, eight expert speakers share their knowledge and experience in a 3-hour workshop setting with the group. You will walk away with relevant and actionable take-aways to apply to your business life. Cap the Vistage experience off by being a part of a global community exceeding 23,000 members. As a member, you may participate with global members online through various networks.

Are you interested in a Vistage CEO peer group journey? Email me at kirk.mcmillan@vistagechair.comor call my cell (843) 819-5959.