Vistage CEO Board in Charleston, SC

July 30, 2019

I need help running my business: Vistage CEO peer group for fostering growth and discovery to improve as leaders.

Even the best of CEOs wake in the middle of the night thinking “I need help running my business.”Imagine practicing leadership on other CEOs, business owners and executives. Imagine a confidential space where you are forced to work on the business strategically. One day, every month, members of our Vistage group learn how to be better leaders by processing impactful issues to solve problems or uncover opportunities.

Consequently, everything is on the table when members agree to our core values of Vulnerable Openness, Challenging Curiosity and Transparent Accountability. Practicing vulnerable openness makes us better leaders by creating relationships built on trust, intimacy and lack of judgement. By stimulating challenging curiosity that is egoless, carefrontational, and authentic, we make better decisions. Lastly, we tie it all together with transparent accountability.

In addition to the confidential peer advisory board, Vistage members engage in leadership coaching with the Vistage Chair, learn from world-class speakers, and participate in global specialized networks. The Vistage leadership development experience creates a ripe environment for us to achieve our core purpose to create a trusting environment that fosters growth and discovery, to improve as leaders in our businesses, families, and communities.

Want to learn more about our Vistage members and upcoming speaker workshop schedule? Check out our events page here.