Vistage CEO Workshop Schedule

July 30, 2019

Vistage CEO Workshop Schedule and CEO Members

Our Vistage members invest 3-5% of their time to focus on their business strategically through CEO peer board, coaching with Chair Kirk McMillan, and CEO workshops. Surrounding themselves with other CEOs and business owners allows them the freedom to get out of the day to day to work on being a better leader, making better decisions and living a better life. Here are our Vistage members in Charleston and upcoming CEO workshop schedule for 2019 and 2020.

Lindsay Nevin, Founder/CEO, Flyway Companies

Wes Carter, President-3rdgeneration family business, Atlantic Packaging

Molly Fienning, Founder/CEO, Babiators, Red Clay, Lil Bit Lit

Aaron Siegel, Founder/Managing Partner, Home Team BBQ

Jason Burke, Founder/CEO, The New Primal

Adam Baslow, Founder/CEO, New Leaf Builders

Jonathan Bohn, President-2ndgeneration family business, Gold Creations

Matt Maurer, Co-Founder/CEO, Baytree Landscape

Peter LaMotte, Charleston President, Chernoff Newman

Bridget Laird, CEO, Wings for Kids

Alex Stone IV, CEO-2ndgeneration family business, Island Realty

Hampton Thomas, CEO, PW Productions

Andy McCarthy, Partner, PeopleSurge

Ashley Demosthenes, CEO, Lowcountry Land Trust

Garrett Clark, Founder/CEO, The Rolling Monkey


August 8 – Strategic Marketing

September 8 – Driving Profitability through Strategic Pricing

October 2,3 – You Don’t Die of Old Age

November 15- Build a High Performance Culture

December 6- Guest Retreat, Your Extraordinary Why


January 15, 16 – Effective Executive Negotiations

March 4, 5 –Employee Engagement to Improve Bottom Line

April 1, 2 – Forging Culture of Trust and Integrity

June 3, 4 – Dance in the End Zone

August 5,6 – The Vital Choice, Victim vs. Ownership Mindset

October 7, 8 – Foundations of Accountable Leadership

December 2, 3 – Harnessing Power of Emotional Intelligence

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