Heart of CEO Leadership Development: Inspiring Creativity in People

July 30, 2019

The Heart of CEO Leadership Development: Stimulating Creativity in People

At the heart of Vistage CEO leadership development is issue processing. The issue spectrum ranges from solving problems and challenges, to uncovering opportunities. There are three key aspects of making issue processing successful members with 12-16 CEOs and business owners.

The first key to success is the facilitation by the Vistage Chair. Vistage Chairs are the conductors of the room, creating the optimal space for learning and insights to be generated. Sometimes it is a gentle tap on the shoulder, other times it is a hammer on the head. Allowing CEOs the opportunity to practice leadership is a competitive advantage.

A critical process for uncovering the real issue is the second key to success. During the one to one coaching sessions, the Vistage Chair brings a critical process to the member to help uncover the most impactful issue. During the advisory board, the members follow a similar process for tackling the issue. Therefore, all members practice a common process for uncovering and processing issues.

Lastly, the practice of curiosity inquiry is where the magic takes place for the member asking the question and the member that has to answer. The ability of leaders to ask impactful and inspiring questions is crucial to leading people. One day a month, our members are given the opportunity to practice the art of stimulating creativity in others and not solving issues personally.

Our Vistage CEO board has tackled intimate personal issues and impactful strategic opportunities. See a list of some of our issues here.