CEO Help: A Sampling of Challenges and Opportunities Tackled by Vistage CEO Peer Group

July 30, 2019

CEO Help: A Sampling of Challenges and Opportunities Tackled by Vistage CEO Peer Group

Vistage CEO peer groups are the CEO help line. Vistage CEO members are continually surprised each month by the type of issues brought to the table. It is comforting for the members to know that they have a place to go for anything that is consuming their hours, emotions, relationships or dollars. To be a better leader, CEOs have to work on all aspects of their life.

For over 60-years, Vistage has helped business executives hone their leadership. Here are a few examples of the issues our Charleston group has tackled.

Death of a family member

Substance abuse

Buying out an underperforming partner

Negotiating compensation for upcoming exit

Strategic acquisition advantages and disadvantages

Improving relationship with spouse

Improving health by losing weight

How to have difficult conversation with family member in business

Managing expectations of board of directors

Terminating long time member of leadership team

Improving relationship with business partners

Creating leadership development for sales team

Optimizing business for exit

Scaling new product line nationally

Handling situation with equity partner that backs out of project

Balancing time while expanding new locations

Building leadership team

Selling out to partners

Working with family member that is not living the values of the business

Dealing with conflict

Preparing for spending one year in New Zealand with family

Preparing for +$50 million exit and what’s next

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