Got People Strategy?

February 11, 2019

Do you have a Talent Optimization leader that is aligning your people strategy to the business strategy?

Talent Optimization is the scientific way to intentionally, consistently and strategically design high-performing teams. The whole becomes greater than the parts. Performance soars. Magical teams are created.

Talent Optimization requires: Data, Diagnostics, and Design.

TALENT OPTIMIZATION starts with gathering data about millions of people working at thousands of companies – data that gives insights about individuals and how they work best with others.

TALENT OPTIMIZATION data diagnostics can show you why the perfect team for running a hospital is a terrible team for running a startup – and vice-versa. TALENT OPTIMIZATION insights help C-level leaders design a culture strategically. If you match the right people to your strategy, the right culture will emerge.

A TALENT OPTIMIZATION design pulls together data on business strategy, along with data on people, and then guides leaders so they can assemble the right teams and create environments that fire up employees, eliminating the talent optimization gap. And steers you away from creating the wrong teams. As a result of TALENT OPTIMIZATION, your best people stay – because they want to stay.

Importantly, TALENT OPTIMIZATION is scalable and repeatable with software-as-a-service. Anyone who adopts TALENT OPTIMIZATION can become a talent designer. Business leaders can become talent designers. Any line manager can become a talent designer. Every individual at a company can design and optimize how he or she interacts with others.

At PeopleSurge, we developed the systems and methodologies for talent optimization, and we bring that discipline to you through a scientific platform and experienced leaders and advisors. If people are your greatest asset, we empower you to help those people perform at their highest levels. After all, as a leader, isn’t that your most important job?

Design your team. Optimize your talent. Crush your competition.