Where are your Talent Optimization Gaps?

January 16, 2019

As leaders we continually strive to bridge the gap between people and business results. No business on the planet operates at its full potential. As a company leader, you feel it in your gut – a sense that your company can’t shift into a higher gear. Talent Optimization sits at this crossroad between and people and business results.

We’ve all seen great teams, and the best teams are magic. Roles and personalities complement each other. The whole becomes greater than the parts. Performance soars. Yet there is no scientific way to intentionally, consistently and strategically design high-performing teams. So the odds of always pulling together the right people for the right team to do the right work are too low.

Your company may be rich with talented individuals, but they’re not assembled and managed in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game. So companies struggle with an insidious talent gap. Which means that even the best companies fail to reach their full potential. And there’s no good way to get help.

You’ve always relied on Human Resources to guide hiring and build your talent, but HR is not equipped to address the talent optimization gap. Traditionally, HR has focused on process and administration. It is often disconnected from strategy. Yet when talent doesn’t gel, top management blames HR, creating friction in the organization.

You can hire consultants, and they’ll say they have ways to help. But you quickly find out most can only address a piece of the problem – if that. Some managers intuitively pull the right people together and manage them brilliantly. But intuition isn’t scalable or teachable. Instead, most managers are left flailing in the dark, without much to guide them. Managers’ unconscious biases can even make the talent optimization gap worse. These biases cause managers to think they understand their people – when they really don’t.

Few Talent tools exist that can help leaders analyze talent and guide team creation — or help your people understand how Talent Optimization improves their own performance. And no tools see the whole person in the context of the company’s strategic goals, or allow you to orchestrate people and teams so they achieve those strategic goals.

Baseball compiles statistics on every conceivable aspect of players. Clever analysis of those statistics have given the sport “Moneyball” – a way to improve the odds of putting together the right players for the right kind of team and strategy. There is no Moneyball in business.

The consequences of the talent optimization gap are dire.The gap leads directly to low productivity, poor results and missed opportunities. Failure to pull together the right people and build the right culture can lead to tension and unhappiness on a team. Leaving team-building to chance is the most damaging decision business leaders can make. It means operating constantly with a corrosive talent optimization gap. It means the business never shifts into a higher gear.

And then your top performers decide to leave. There are no other options, so the gap endures.

But that changes, starting now.

Introducing a new strategic discipline: talent optimization. Talent optimization, allows companies, for the first time, to intentionally, consistently and strategically design great teams and a successful culture. Talent optimization helps your teams and people perform at their best. Talent optimization helps your leaders improve the odds of creating magical teams.

This new discipline is a powerful new way to close the talent optimization gap and drive your company’s performance to levels never thought possible. Talent optimization is Moneyball for business.

TALENT OPTIMIZATION starts with gathering data about millions of people working at thousands of companies – data that gives us insights about individuals and how they work best with others.

A TALENT OPTIMIZATION platform pulls together data on strategies and business needs, along with data on people, and then guides leaders so they can assemble the right teams and create environments that fire up employees, eliminating the talent optimization gap.

It guides the creation of magical teams.

And steers you away from creating the wrong teams. TALENT OPTIMIZATION data analysis can show you why the perfect team for running a hospital is a terrible team for running a startup – and vice-versa. TALENT OPTIMIZATION insights help C-level leaders design a culture strategically. If you match the right people to your strategy, the right culture will emerge.

TALENT OPTIMIZATION software can comprehend the requirements for a job, and understand the team dynamics needed to do it – and identify the right people for that team. Talent optimization makes any team builder as good as the most intuitive team builder. And it helps your managers understand how Talent Optimization interacts with individuals to solve problems and increase their drive and happiness.

Talent optimization helps people do more – because they want Talent Optimization do more. As a result of TALENT OPTIMIZATION, your best people stay – because they want to stay. Importantly, TALENT OPTIMIZATION is scalable and repeatable. It is a new discipline combined with software-as-a-service. Anyone who adopts TALENT OPTIMIZATION can become a talent designer. Business leaders can become talent designers. Any line manager can become a talent designer.

Every individual at a company can design and optimize how he or she interacts with others.

Significantly, TALENT OPTIMIZATION is a discipline that consultants can learn, adopt and apply, so any leader can get the help he or she needs – help that is much more effective than anything available today. Over time, every company will have a Director of Talent Optimization. If no business on the planet is operating at its full potential, then talent optimization is a powerful competitive opportunity.

Quite simply: when you do TALENT OPTIMIZATION and your competition doesn’t, you win.

At PeopleSurge, we developed the systems and methodologies for talent optimization, and we bring that discipline to you through a platform and experienced advisors. If people are your greatest asset, we empower you to help those people perform at their highest levels. After all, as a leader, isn’t that your most important job?

Design your team. Optimize your talent.

Crush the talent optimization gap.

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