People across the entire employment spectrum from front line employees through to the C-suite all play a role in the performance of an organization. As former Presidents/CEO’s who have experienced all of the challenges associated with owing, growing, and exiting businesses, we understand how important it is to know how people are affecting performance, so we came together around a common purpose. How can we enable businesses, specifically the people across the entire employment spectrum, to understand how they play a role in the success or failure of their organization?

We considered how we were going to enable businesses to understand their people and designed a methodology that is a unique blend of transferring our knowledge and experience through training and advisory services combined with the latest technology and science related to human behavior.

Our commitment to our clients is to establish a candid, authentic, thought-provoking environment as part of our knowledge transfer and training programs. And we will always be exploring the most effective technology available to support our client’s efforts to understand the complexities of human nature. We are not a delivery mechanism of business information. Doing business with PeopleSurge is a relationship designed to provide Awareness, Insight, and Results to make a tangible impact on the trajectory of an organization.


Kirk McMillan is a CEO, board facilitator and business advisor whose entrepreneurial spirit and proven aptitude have earned him the reputation as a seasoned strategist. Over the course of nearly three decades, he has garnered extensive leadership experience within the business world. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business from Kennesaw State University and a B.S. in Business Administration from The Citadel.

Kirk proudly serves as Co-Founder of PeopleSurge. No matter what venture he has undertaken, his lifelong mission remains unwavering. Ultimately, he strives to elevate his community’s leaders and enrich their journey so they can pave their way to lasting personal and professional enrichment. From being promoted to CEO of his family business at the age of 26, to spearheading numerous companies, his vision goes beyond his field of choice. His sights are set on creating a ripple effect of positive change across local and global communities that continues impacting people for years to come.

Outside of advising and coaching his clients, Kirk McMillan enjoys paddle surfing, yoga, tennis, and sailing. He is also a student of life and avid reader who strives to be continually curious. Above all, he cherishes spending time with his family. Residing in Charleston, South Carolina, Kirk is happily married and the proud father of three beautiful children.


Mike has been advising owners and senior leaders of small to medium sized business to help them uncover new possibilities for the future of their business. “Building the service model of sharing our experience through advice and training in concert with science-based technology is going to be a great way for organizations to gain a much-needed awareness about people that they desperately need!”

He leverages his experience as the Co-founder and President of Optima Network Services Inc., a 9-year tenure which culminated in the sale of his company to a publicly traded company, Mastec, Inc (stock:MTZ). In the years he spent with Mastec in the role of Senior Vice President, he led the integration of multiple geographic markets and operational models into a growing organization the wireless industry. As a graduate of George Mason University with a B.S. in Management and a resident of Mount Pleasant, SC, he is passionate about making a positive impact on the bottom line of companies and the human beings that own and operate them. Mike enjoys competition on the golf course and at his CrossFit gym and is a happily married father of 2 daughters.


Andy brings over 10 years experience co-founding, scaling and exiting King of Pops, an iconic food manaufacturer. Andy is our PeopleSurge expert for visioning, value development, brand strategies and scaling.


Sheryll coaches individuals to greater insight and capacity to lead their organizations to stronger performance in an increasingly complex business environment. The Leadership Circle Profile 360° feedback provides a rich foundation for this coaching with a breakthrough model for increasing self-awareness and highlighting pathways to growth.
Her work leverages her 35 plus years as an accomplished intrepreneur and business consultant helping companies develop and execute strategies that drive dramatic revenue growth, build brands, deliver exceptional customer experience and market leading products, optimize efficiency and enhance employee engagement.
Sheryll is our PeopleSurge expert for 360 feed back for leaders and managers.


Larry brings over 15 years Organizational Development and Learning with Fortune 100 companies. Larry is our PeopleSurge expert for turning managers into leaders.