Most companies don’t know how to assemble high-performing teams.

They don’t know how to manage employees in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game. They create a business strategy. They monitor their business results. But they don’t do the key “people work” in between—and they fail to reach their goals.

Talent optimization is a four-part discipline.

You can use to align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results.

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Uncover the root of your business problems by measuring and analyzing your people data—then prescribing remedies as needed. Diagnose is the first part of talent optimization, but it’s something companies need to do on an ongoing basis.


Crush the competition by designing your organization, leadership, culture, and team dynamics intentionally and strategically. Design is the second part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll create and evolve your people strategy.


Use people data insights to build a workforce of top performers, while paying special attention to group dynamics. Hire is the third part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll use talent optimization insights based on people data to hire and build high-performing teams.


Give your employees the people data insights they need to manage themselves—and their workplace relationships. Inspire is the fourth part of talent optimization and covers employee-oriented activities like career pathing and measuring team performance over time.


At some point, all businesses face challenges in their life cycle that prevent them from pressing beyond a particular milestone, event, or initiative. PeopleSurge delivers Talent Optimization Advisory Services to help companies optimize their people strategies in alignment with the business strategy to achieve results. We combine our personal experiences in owning, growing, and exiting businesses across a number of different markets. The first interaction with clients is an assessment of exactly where the business “is and isn’t”. Our assessments are designed to reveal areas of concern inside the business that may be either apparent and/or newly revealed during our interaction.

Your business strategy and people are unique. Your Talent Optimization Strategy will be unique. Our assessments uncover and identify the areas to be addressed.

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How do we help?

We help bring our Better Work, Better World vision to life by bridging the gap between your business strategy and your people strategy.

  • Attract and Select Best Talent

  • Implement Hiring and On-boarding Processes

  • Engage and Retain Employees

  • Design Culture and Team Dynamics

  • Develop Leadership Competency

  • Manage Sales Performance

PeopleSurge Process

Customized operational engagements are created to develop a new strategy for breaking through a specific milestone or executing on a new initiative that was identified in the Assessment.

We leverage our experience as former business owners and senior leaders to chart a new course to achieve the milestones/targets with our team working alongside the key stakeholders of our clients. And most importantly, we guarantee to deliver our programs in a manner that does not negatively impact the financial health of the business.

Align your people strategy with your business strategy.

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Areas of assessment

  • People Strategy

  • Financial management

  • Business strategy

  • Exit and Acquisition Planning

  • Leadership

  • Culture

  • Teams

Do You have the Right Team for the job?

“In the midst of chaos,there is also opportunity.” 

Sun Tzu
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Whatever form development takes, the organization should make sure it’s meeting the needs of its employees and its managers. After all, employee development isn’t just a perk for the employee, it’s a perk for the company as a whole.


Companies need to develop people faster, deepen their bench strength, and prepare leaders to lead a global workforce.

What are you doing to exercise your personal growth to be better equipped to lead organizational change?

PeopleSurge “has forced my thinking around the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the daily work”

Jason Burke, CEO, The New Primal

“Accountability in each coaching session with Kirk continues to be impactful”

Lindsay Nevin, CEO, Flyway Companies

“Sessions with Kirk bring a feeling of clarity.”

Andy McCarthy, Co-Owner, King of Pops

“getting an outside view forces me to get out of working in the business and focus on working on the business and myself.”

Aaron Siegel, CEO, Home Team BBQ

“People Surge helped our team define our values, our why and set goals for our future. Their facilitation and thoughtful exercises ensured all perspectives of team were considered.”

Melonie Hammond-Trace, Tideline CPA Group

“I am so full of gratitude!”

Elissa Nauful, CEO, BallyWho Social