Why Do We Lie to Job Candidates

November 3, 2018

Well maybe we don’t outright lie, but we certainly don’t tell the whole truth.  A big part of interviewing is selling the open position and your company as a compelling place to work to someone you just met. You’ve got to hit the highlights for sure and revisit them regularly, but most of us just don’t touch on areas where our businesses can improve and that might be why you’re hiring this person in the first place. It could be updating the product line, giving our culture a jolt or having clear expectations for the position we’re trying to fill.
No one wants to be sold a false bill of goods. Telling your future co-worker what you think they want to hear rather than gracing them with reality is a waste of time & money and will leave everyone feeling disappointed. Many of your organization’s short comings are obvious to you and most everyone else and can be tactfully presented. Unfortunately, what you consider a strength of your organization may actually be an area of concern for your candidate. The toughest aspect of being honest about the challenges that may lie ahead is knowing what the stranger in front of you actually thinks is a concern.
Imagine having access to a interview guide to know how people behave with others and how they will navigate your culture. The Predictive Index Behavior Assessment not only gives us a roadmap for asking better questions, but also predicting how people’s unique needs and motivations will fit with our organization’s strengths and weaknesses.  Take the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment to find out more!