Hiring…Roll of the Dice or Flip of the Coin

November 1, 2018

Are you relying on gut feelings, a roll of the dice, or a flip of the coin when it comes to hiring the right people? A bad hiring decision will cost a business an average of $30,000 for an individual who makes $75,000/year. Here are 3 ways our clients are leveraging the science and technology behind The Predictive Index to create an objective approach to optimizing the hiring process.
Move beyond your gut and apply a repeatable methodology, and you will create predictability in your hiring that will save you time and angst and result in consistently better hires.
1. Start simply, by crafting a profile of the ideal candidate for each job. Use the PI Job Assessment to collect input from managers, key stakeholders, and high performers to define the precise behavioral and cognitive needs for each position. This will establish an objective baseline to better predict person-job fit.
2. Once you have defined the job target, invite your candidates to take the PI Behavioral Assessment and PI Cognitive Assessment. The results will help you sort potential hires by how well they match your objective job requirements—easily winnowing down to a short list. Using these assessments will also level the candidate playing field, removing bias from the hiring process.
3. Finally, get all your interviewers on the same page by customizing a PI Interview Kit based on each candidate’s behavioral pattern and the job target for a consistent approach to hiring.