Forces of Disengagement

November 2, 2018

Everyone is talking about Employee Engagement in the workplace and some companies are dedicating significant resources to attempt to measure it. Do you even know what’s causing the lack of employee engagement in your company and how would you address it if you did? Here are the 4 forces of employee disengagement:
1.    Bad Hires—Augmenting your team with folks who are not a good fit for the job or the company in the first place is the most prominent force of disengagement.
2.    Poor Management—Do your managers have the rights skills to manage and develop their employees and have they been given a platform to develop those skills?
3.    Culture—The Silicon Valley start-up culture of ping pong tables, kegs of beer, and bean bag chairs is not a good fit for all companies. Is your leadership team equipped to both create and exemplify a corporate culture that makes employees want to be part of it?
4.    Team Conflict—We are all wired differently which means we have different motivating needs and behaviors that show up in the workplace as in life. Do you spend time as a referee or counselor mitigating disagreements among co-workers or direct reports?
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